New Blood, New Album, all Byte ...!

Welcome back you sleazy guys and Gals!

So whats been going down in the Byte HQ of recent, well mostly work towards our second album! 'When the Lights Go Out' which will be released in only 6 days time!! It has been a whirlwind of emotions and a lot of work has gone into this album so we hope you will be pleased with the results!

The new album will contain 11 Tracks some you will have heard at previous gigs like 'Black Velvet Love' and 'Spark' others you wont have heard and we cant wait for you to hear them! The 11 tracks are:

1) New Blood 2) Nocturnal Beauty 3) Tonight (Get Wild) 4) Boneshaker 5) Vixen 6) Shameless Star 7) Rockabilly Betty 8) Spark 9) Hopeless 10) Reach Out 11) Black Velvet Love

This album is packed with more riffs, more melodies and hooks that will stick under your skin for hours!

Why not check out one of the newest tracks in the link below:

We have also been doing quite a few gigs North bound recently as we did our first treck up to the lovely plains of Scotland as we played the Twa Tams and of course we couldn't forget about London as we hit up our favourite local venue The Big Red alongside Nunchucker and Speeder! Unfortunately we heard recently that this legendary venue will be closing its doors shortly much to our disappointment! A massive thanks to all the staff and promoters who put gigs on here and always made it such a brilliant atmosphere and environment!

We also made our first debut show at the Joiners in Southampton thanks to upcoming promoter Jodie Bowie who just held her very own festival Nozfest at the 1865 venue no less! Go and show her some support! It was a fantastic show alongside 'Our Propaganda' and 'Crooked Shapes' who both put on a spectacular show!

Spyder Byte with our friends in Toxic Rose HRH Sleaze 2018

Recently a few of us returned to the ever brilliant HRH Sleaze festival in Sheffield as spectators this time but what a fantastic weekend it was as ever all the bands were on top form some we recommend you check out if you haven't already that is:

"Stop Stop'

From the word go these guys set the room on fire with a magnetic energy they undoubtedly had the best stage presence of the whole weekend you could not look away otherwise you'd miss something big! The 3 piece hard rock band really did start the party off with a bang! They also added in some genius comedy at the beginning although I'm still baffled how the drummer managed to get his hair into a wig! Go and check these guys out! Seriously!

'Trench Dogs'

I don't think I've ever seen a cooler band in my whole life these guys really know how to put on a show, a real sleaze rock show. You'll never quite manage to compare them to anything current and they are undoubtedly on their way to the top! Catchy hooks, electric stage presence and a brilliant look to boot! Check them out!

We have a new line of merchandise on the way for you guys which we hope will be here soon and we can start getting them out to you guys! For now though we do have two brand new items one being the new T Shirt design 'Spark' and secondly we now have beanies and with winter fast approaching this could be the perfect opportunity to rock a new hat! Make sure to grab one before they're gone!

As ever thank you to all of you wonderful people who continue to support us no matter what! It means the world to us and if you want to see anything in particular from the band don't hesitate to contact us! We love hearing from you!

Don't forget 'When The Lights Go Out' is available now for pre order and will be released on the 13th of September on all good streaming platforms and on cd so make sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

Keep it Sleazy, SB \m/

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