Meet The Band 

"Surprisingly the band is still unsigned, but I can’t see it staying that way for much longer."


- Powerplay Magazine -

“Whoever said sleaze was dead certainly hasn’t stumbled across these guys. They will reaffirm your faith in hairspray and tight leather/ripped denim. Happily losing yourself in the swirl of love and lust lyrics shredding guitars and the debauched lifestyle of sex, strippers and whisky.”
- Rebel Yell-

The 5 Piece hailing from Kent formed back in late 2011, starting as no more as a group of 13 to 16 year old mates from school. With a common goal in mind, Spyder Byte was born, with the intention of adding to the revival of 80s-style-metal.


Heavily Influenced by the bands of the late 1980's sunset strip movement, the band set out writing their first E.P. 'Love Bomb Ticking' released in the summer of 2013, The E.P. was created with the intention of creating a heavier, raw sound that drew strong influence from 80s glam metal bands.


Having had a successful response to the E.P. from the Kentish locals, the guys set their eyes on releasing their first album. The first album would come in the form of "Addictive", an 8-track album that captured the evolution of the sound, image and journey of Spyder Byte. This album also saw the first recorded appearance of Luke Naylar.


A few months hiatus would shortly follow, however, due to bass player Nathan Hammond's recovery of a spinal operation. The band came back in April 2016 opening for Tigertailz at the Camden Underworld. With members of the band now more grown up, more independent and more self-reliant, it gave the band a chance to explore other areas of the country. And so followed a series of mini-tours and weekenders around the UK.


 2017 brought new targets for the group as they pushed to write material for a follow up E.P. The big focus of the year, however, was the summer tour with German pals Neophyte and the debut appearance at Bloodstock Open Air. It was to be the band's first full UK tour followed by the band's first major festival. The same year saw the release of a new single, "Nocturnal Beauty". The song to lead the way for the upcoming E.P. Bigger Hooks, Catchier melodies, Harmonies galore and a new sound from the band still in keeping with their roots! 

2018 was poised to be the release of the new record. However, the process was delayed due to unforeseen financial troubles and conflicts in writing. Wanting to give the fans something worth waiting for, the band decided to write a full album, rather than settling on a short E.P. That same year, the boys entered the studio with Wynter Prior and began recording the new album. In August the band played the Hard Rock Hell Sleaze festival in Sheffield! Alongside idols such as: L.A Guns, Tigertailz, Backyard Babies and Jetboy.

2019 saw the eventual release of the new album, "When The Lights Go Out". An 11 track album that featured all the elements of each member's music taste. The album showed a new side to the band; a side that was much more polished, much more powerful and much more diverse. Following the release of the album, the band were booking shows up for the following year at a rate they had never had before; demand was high. This would lead to the band booking onto a 2020 UK tour with Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, Luke parted ways with Spyder Byte. By the turn of the new year, the replacement came in the shape of Robbie Weller. Under new management, and with new personnel, Spyder Byte brought out the single "Double Dose" late spring 2021, and look forward to getting back on the road.

To be continued...

Concorde   2 ,  Brighton , 2017
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Bloodstock Open Air, 2017
Robbie Weller
headstock weller.jpg
Nathan Hammond 
Bass Guitar
Steven Speck
  Daniel Lawerence
Dan NF.jpg
Connor Godfrey
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