'When The Lights Go Out' (2019)

When The Lights Go Out is the most recent release, and second full-length album, from the band. Recorded over the period of a year at Audio Beach Studio, the album boasts 11 brand new tracks of hard-hitting riffs and melodic choruses. Whilst maintaining an element of the band's traditional 'sleazy' sound, the songs on the album vary from classic and hard rock styles  to 'NWOBHM' style heavy metal. Mixed, mastered and produced by Wynter Prior.



1) New Blood

2) Nocturnal Beauty

3) Tonight (Get Wild)

4) Boneshaker

5) Vixen

6) Shameless Star

7) Rockabilly Betty

8) Spark

9) Hopeless

10) Reach Out

11) Black Velvet Love


'Addictive' (2015)

Addictive was the bands debut album featuring raw, powerful, driving rhythms and catchy choruses.


Addictive was written by Spyder Byte and recorded by Sam Threader at the Cro's Nest. The album was released in December 2015 alongside a line of merchandise influenced by the albums artwork and lyrical content.


The track Listing:


1) Infestation 

2) Heartbreak Babe 

3) In Your Face 

4) Strip Club Blues 

5) Moonshine 

6) On Time 

7) Love Bomb Ticking (Bonus)

8) Addictive Poison 


Love Bomb Ticking E.P (2013)

The first ever release by the band. Released in 2013 as a powerful entry into the re-surging scene of Sleaze/Hair Metal. With 3 tracks on the E.P: Hans All On Gretel (A play on words on the popular fairytale hansel and gretel in order to make it more sleazy), Love Hungry Woman and the title track of the E.P Love Bomb Ticking.

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